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I would LOVE to have a little UI element on the overlay that shows/confirms that audio is being captured.  My headset isn't always plugged in, and when I forget to plug it in BEFORE I launch DxTory, the program doesn't recognize that the default audio device has changed.

So what happens is get complacent, trust that DxTory has my back, and end up recording 3+ hours without any game audio.  It's a damn nightmare.

So please, add just a little thing to the overlay that shows that it is capturing audio.  Maybe a DB level bar that fluctuates with the audio.  Maybe a green light when the inbound is > -60dB.  SOMETHING PLEASE.

I know it's my own damn fault for not being EXTRA SURE that it's correct, but this feature will save me more headaches in the future.


Because it just happened again.

I would like this as well. I sometimes take paranoid test captures just to make sure everything is being captured.

I still REALLY REALLY want this.

Then dont forget it. Problem solved.

Check before every capture the settings and nothing bad will happen ever.


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