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Will more cores help my performance?


I currently own a i7 2600k  4 cores - 8 threads. I am considering upgrading to an i7 5960x 8 core - 16 threads:
Will doing so result in less of a fps hit in game and improve overall capture capabilities?

I would expect yes to be the answer so I have one other question:
Would using all 8 cores for recording and gaming be most optimal, or would using 4 cores for recording and 4 cores for gaming be more optimal?

Thank you ahead of time.

The answer is yes. Having more cores will help with the FPS. It is better to reserve some cores for recording and some for gaming.

Great, I appreciate the response, thank you.

I will say - It depends.... Usually is yes, but not in all cases. When game is bad optimized then it not use all cores as it should then sometimes fps is limited by one thread and max frequency of one core.... and processors with more cores tends to have less frequency because of heat and power. In your case turbo boost is high so i would not worry, even if uncore is low. Besides new technology, more cache, more cores ...
For assign cores - it depends, you need try by self, cause if you prioritize fps more for game would be better, but if you choosed demanding codec you will have to see how many cores it need to record without loss, some codecs would need 1-2 cores, some - 16 cores would be too low


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