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Can 2018 be the year of Dxtory?


Can 2018 be the year of Dxtory?

For one, we want more within the program.

I personally would love this;

* I would like to tie more keybinds to my PTT (Push to Talk) binds for games that use more keybinds (i.e like Battlefield, SQUAD, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, etc) or just for those who want to record both in-game voip and Discord/Teamspeak voip without having to switch a keybind in order to record voices then switch a keybind in-game to make it not overlap voices.
Some mentionable things on the forums -

* [Request] We need a Destiny 2 fix;
* [Bug] | Dxtory keeps resetting my movie and audio settings;
* [Request] Replay Buffer i.e. record last 10 minutes of gameplay;
* [Request] A setting/option where 'X' button minimizes the program?;


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