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Lord Odin:
It would be nice to have a desktop recording feature.  There are few desktop recording options of any good quality and considering ShadowPlay is going to be a big problem for Dxtory, it would only make sense to offer features that SP can't offer.  Desktop recording would be an obvious choice and a very welcome addition.

I would really love to have this feature too  :)

I bought the license with the thought that it can do desktop recording.

I just found out that it's only for games recording and I dont play games   :'(

I know I should try the trial first but I just immediately bought it after reading good reviews about dxtory.

This would be pretty cool to have too.

Black Blade:
Ya i do support these... right now i have to use something else for that.. but i really like to be able to just use Dxtory also for recording desktop

Currently I use Open Broadcaster Software (freeware) for recording Desktop so I don't really hunger for this feature in Dxtory. But this feature will surely would make additional reason why should people buy Dxtory in the future.


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