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Hello. I currently use both Dxtory and ShadowPlay while playing Arma 3 Altis Life mod. I specifically use Dxtory to record gameplay that I want, and I'll use the Shadowplay for "going back in time" recording. The server I'm a member to for Altis Life requires you to have video proof for any compensation to replace a vehicle or gear or whatnot if you were killed by de-sync RDM or VDM etc...If I would just turn on Dxtory and start recording, I could easily fill my hardrive over the hrs of gameplay, not to mention the editing I would have to do to get the exact part that I would need to edit. Shadowplay lets you either record your gameplay and it has a feature that lets you record your gameplay that happened in the past however many minutes you set it up to. So let's say I'm playing the game for an hr or so and someone kills me without roleplay. If I wasn't recording, I would not have any video proof. With Shadowplay, I can hit the shadow button and it saves the last 5 minutes of my gameplay. Or it would save howerver long I wanted it to. Dxtory is far superior in my opinion on quality of recording so I really wish it had that feature.

TLDR: Requesting a "ShadowPlay" like feature that will let you save a certain length of gameplay, without having to be recording all the time.

If I understand right, Wags is basically asking for "always record" feature, but so it would start removing the footage after it exceeds specific amount of minutes to save Hard Drive space. I think it would be a useful feature for Dxtory.

GeForce ShadowPlay calls their such feature Shadow Time.
Fraps calls their Loop Buffer.

Yes the Shadow Time is exactly what I'm talking about. For instance, yesterday I was playing Altis Life for Arma 3 and someone shot me without roleplaying. I was not recording at the time, so all I had to do was hit my hotkey for Shadow time, and it instantly saved the last 5 minutes of my in game play. You have control to make it shorter or longer than 5 minutes, it's just what I find that works well for me.

OBS actually just added this functionality, so for really long recording sessions with friends, I might switch to OBS. Kind of a shame.

I didn't know OBS had that ability. How do you use it? I've only used OBS to stream, I would like to use it for capturing game footage without streaming especially if it has that feature. I really wish dxtory would have that feature, but there just seems to be little to no support for this program. Which is quite a shame. I love dxtory, but I'm going to have to look elsewhere.


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