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Title: DXTORY Way to dark!!!!
Post by: kolo54321 on May 12, 2013, 01:55:18 pm

I just downloaded dxtory and im using it for professional uses so I record a video but the video is so DARK! I need the brightness just right and when I put it in Vegas Pro 12 and change the brightness it doesn't look professional and crisp and it reduces the quality to much when rendered.

THIS IS SOOO FRUSTRATING (Pulling out hair) please make a fix or SOMETHING! I mean would it be that hard just to capture the birghtness!

Thank you!
Title: Re: DXTORY Way to dark!!!!
Post by: ExKoder on May 12, 2013, 05:47:45 pm
It is specification.

As for the image currently displayed on the monitor, a video card changes brightness.
Dxtory acquires the data before change.
The data of surface exists only the thing before change.
Title: Re: DXTORY Way to dark!!!!
Post by: kolo54321 on May 13, 2013, 12:44:39 am
Well how do I make dxtory to pick up brightness change!?
Title: Re: DXTORY Way to dark!!!!
Post by: Malix on May 14, 2013, 06:53:18 pm
don't increase brightness in vegas, but rather gamma. it doesn't wash out colors like brightness does.
Title: Re: DXTORY Way to dark!!!!
Post by: kolo54321 on May 15, 2013, 12:51:28 am
But it still doesn't look natural I need dxtory to pick up the changes!
Title: Re: DXTORY Way to dark!!!!
Post by: Malix on May 15, 2013, 01:55:44 am
if you render to sony avc/mvc or mainconcept avc/aac, it will be dark, thats the codec's fault not dxtorys or editors etc.
Check your dxtory video in windows media player for instance, it just might be that your selected rendering codec makes it dark.

I render to .avi container with x264vfw (no need to lecture me of why this is bad/not ideal/etc, heard it.) and I have no dark issues.

edit: COMLETELY irrelevant stuff removed, I derped.

Title: Re: DXTORY Way to dark!!!!
Post by: kolo54321 on May 15, 2013, 08:37:55 am
You are seriously EPIC!  ;) Thank you sooo much!  ;D

Just one more question. When I record I get juttering pause play pause for some reason.  :o
Please help. :-\

EDIT: Never mind I just changed the quality! Problem fixed!  ;D
Title: Re: DXTORY Way to dark!!!!
Post by: LastQuestion on May 27, 2013, 01:46:19 am
Most likely, the reason it looks dark is because of improper colorspace conversions. How it looks depends on which way the conversion is taking place: RGB(255)<─>YUV(235). PCs operate in RGB where black and white are mapped from 0-255, while  TV and Film operate in 0-235. The problem could be in Vegas or with the colorspace the PC is displaying. A PC can be set to display in YUV, but is usually in RGB.

If its in Vegas then there are some different solutions to resolve the issue without any subjective adjustments to brightness. In Vegas Pro the project properties pixel format can be changed to "32-bit floating point" and one can choose between "video levels" and "full". This setting can resolve some color space issues but its primary use is that certain video fx have better quality under that setting. It has the drawback of rendering slower than 8-bit. The other solution is to add a video levels vfx. FX>Sony>Utility>Levels, with either the preset "Computer RGB to Studio RGB" or "Studio RGB to Computer RGB".

Now, usually when someone has this problem in vegas it's seen not as being darker but as being 'washed out'. As such, I'm prone to believe that either the manner in which you are capturing is the issue or the computers display settings are at fault. In this situation I would suggest viewing the edited video on other configurations to determine if the problem stems from your systems configuration.

They are evil. They drink unicorn blood, rape chickens, and place kittens into cold showers. Avoid at all costs. Use LAV, ffdshow, and Media Player Classic Home Cinema. if You have one already installed, then, well, good luck. If you run into mysterious issues with codecs with no apparent solution then my advise is to do what I did: Clean Install Windows. Make sure you back up all your important data from your install drive.

In any event, for 'professional' video projects the ideal solution isn't to utilize colorspace filters in an editor let alone tweak gamma and brightness as they all reduce the visual quality. The key to professional quality capture is to capture in a format that the NLE, the video editor, will import and export without affecting quality. There are a variety of other ways to do this, but only just detail some basics which seem relevant to your situation.


-If this is to be shared via youtube then capture in Lagarith YV12. After editing export in Lagarith YV12. Then encode this video to a delivery format(mp4) in something like Handbrake or Staxrip at CRF18(Constant Rate Factor).

If this is to be displayed on a large projector or HDTV in a presentation then capture in Lagarith YUY2. After editing export in Lagarith YUY2. Then encode the video to an mp4 with Handbrake/Stax at CRF15.

In all of this ensure that you have disabled resampling in vegas: rightclick the clip in the timeline>properties>disable resample. If you have multiple clips: select the first clip in the timeline>hold down shift>select the last clip in the timeline>right click the selection of clips>switches>disable resampling.

That won't give you professional results, but it should keep it from looking like crap. If this is important, for a job, to be used in a workplace, then you should be hiring someone who knows what they're doing. As to who to hire, that's not something I've looked into and from what I have seen on youtube even the major publishers and developers have a thing or two they could learn me about capture quality, lossless workflows, and encoding to delivery formats - which I find rather amusing.