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Title: does anyone know what means and can explain me what to do
Post by: jefken on January 26, 2016, 07:40:21 pm
I recieve this errors when I press F10 to record movies in dxtory and Microsoft flightsimulator fsx
I have installed dxtory on my new laptop republic of gamers from asus type G752 vy special for gaming.
My ealier laptop was a HP envy 17 and I had no problems to with dxtory en fsx
I have already stated several times this problem on this forum but I get no response, yet his different with this problem

PID:11524    TID:11884    TickCount:  579468 AVITransClient::Init Fail m_Client ID_Create
PID:11524    TID:11884    TickCount:  579468 MediaWriterAVI_v2::_Init Fail m_Client.Init

What should I do?

Help help help!!!!!!