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Title: Dxtory Ver2.0.136 Release
Post by: ExKoder on September 06, 2016, 10:38:12 pm
The critical bug of DxtoryVideo was fixed!

Dxtory installs a Vulkan layer for hooks.
It is also the case that Dxtory is not running, will be loaded with the Vulkan program, but it does not affect the performance.
Layer settings are described in the registry. You can manually disabled by editing this.


BAT file for install and uninstall is available in the folder where you installed Dxtory.


https://vulkan.lunarg.com/doc/view/ (https://vulkan.lunarg.com/doc/view/

Then, it is impossible to use validation layers simultaneously.

ver2.0.136 (2016/09/06)
MOD: ID3D12CommandQueue acquisition codes.
ADD: Supported Vulkan.
ADD: Supported wildcard string of ignore setting.
FIX: Problems Dxtory Video to crash.
FIX: Problems DirectX12 capture is stopped.
FIX: Handling of a broken license file.