Author Topic: Forgetting the dxtory license [Admin pls]  (Read 1063 times)


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Forgetting the dxtory license [Admin pls]
« on: January 27, 2015, 05:04:39 am »
Hello, I am making this request because I did a great mistake.
I did a complete reinstall of my computer.(windows 7 , I delete all of my HDD etc)
I had the license on one of my email, but I do not know which email had the license and I do not know if I deleted it.
If I tell you , ô devellopers my emails,  I think there is an email above or if deleted, can you send it back but being sure it is the right email (and mine).
Thanks if someone can help me , or an Admin.

PS : It's my only chance to re-have it because i'm an idiot. And I lose my money like a retard.
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