Author Topic: Dxtory + x264vfw + Vegas  (Read 2053 times)


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Dxtory + x264vfw + Vegas
« on: May 22, 2015, 05:35:32 am »
Dxtory creates files that cannot be opened in Sony Vegas.  Specifically, the x264vfw codec. It becomes garbled and broken, unless you use --keyint 1 and FourCC x264 for the options.  This isn't good because a keyframe every frame results in massive files. Vegas has no such problem decoding the same files made with Virtualdub or any other program.

Lossless x264 is much better for me than Lagarith. 


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Re: Dxtory + x264vfw + Vegas
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2015, 03:08:35 am »
Blame vegas, not dxtory.

NLEs are the worst software you can have at encoding and decoding side.

Its very sad that such expensive software like premiere pro or vegas still dont have a h.264 decoder (and h.264 exists at least since 2003) which has full h.264 support.
Yes its that sad indeed. These NLEs still dont have a decoder which fully supports all h.264 features - and with that the decoder fails its task.

For lossless H.264 you need to use the High444 profile which vegas doesnt support. Its just that sad.

DXTory cant fix the bad NLEs.

Use UTVideo 4:2:2 , it is faster than x264's hard compression (costs cpu) and can even be opened by the bad NLE software. And UTVideo is faster than Lagarith as well (and in your NLE too).