Author Topic: Performance Drop and odd stutter when attempting 60fps for most games.  (Read 2361 times)


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Hello, I have been trying to record in 60fps and have been having some difficulties.  I am more than capable of recording in 1080p30 (lossless) without any form of an in-game fps drop.
Example - Cod World at War - 91fps locked weather recording or not.
But as soon i I step up to 1080p60 (lossless) my fps lowers (but doesn't tank) for most games that require a semi decent PC (cod, gta 5, payday 2, ect.)
sticking with World at War my average fps when recording in 1080p60 is around 50 - 70.

Now that doesn't sound too bad but this is where things become strange. Firstly my fps looks more like 10 - 15 when i'm being told that i'm getting 70.
Not only that but when recording my cpu, gpu, and ram are not even close to being maxed out so it cant be a hardware issue... right? 

My dedicated video drive is a 1tb wd black drive. (~170MBps) 
Cpu i7-2600k
Gpu gtx-760
Ram 16GB corsair vengeance.
Mobo asus p8z77 v-lk
psu - 500w
OS: win7 x64 on 120GB ssd.

I will respond as fast as possible thank you.
+ Dxtory codec ut420.709 and magic yuv.
+ Monitor is 1080p 144hz
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60fps, what is bottle-necking my system?
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Ill be straight forward.  I can record 1080p30.  But cant record 1080p60.  My hardrive has a write of ~340MBps so it can handle 60 constant frames of lossless footage per second. Lets take Call of Duty World at War, 200fps, 24% cpu, 98% gpu average when not recording or when recording in 30fps. When recording in 60fps, 52fps, 79% cpu, 65% gpu average. Why is this happening.  For my gpu usage to go down seems retarded. This happens in all games.

Specs: No Overclocking.
CPU: i7 2600k, Quad-Core + Hyper-threading, 3.4ghz
GPU: EVGA GTX 760, 2GB VRAM Stock Clock
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB)
OS: Windows 7, Ultimate, 64bit.  240GB SSD.
GAMES: 1tb random drive
VIDEOS: 2 Western Digital Blacks in Raid 0.

+ What changes when upping the framerate. Does the program demand more ram, cpu, or gpu?
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Please submit a Environment Information.


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Try MSI Afterburner with these settings:

And you'll see that your system will handle it.

Its just dxtory itself for some reason.

Version 2.0.129 @ OpenGL with Multi Device was quite fast though. But at gzdoom when I use the pfenh mod the fps rate drops with cpu intense effects for example from 300 to 120 or 80 and such.
With DXTory every for example rocket explosion causes this to a half to full second stuttering, although my fps is still much higher than file fps when these effects occur. DXTory 2.0.128 didnt have that problem. And other software not as well. There it is just how its supposed to be: Just for this moment lower fps, but no hang/stuttering of the game.

But on games which doesnt have it like Descent 2 via dxx-rebirth (OpenGL as well) it doesnt happen.
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