Author Topic: Dxtory Ver2.0.131 Release  (Read 16429 times)


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Dxtory Ver2.0.131 Release
« on: July 29, 2015, 06:21:57 pm »
fix of ver2.0.130 is included.
DirectX12 will work normally in single GPU. We need more tests.
It doesn't support to a Universal App. But it may be possible technically.
The codes of OpenGL was changed again. There is a possibility that a problem occurs by the environment.  :P
A file list checking function was added. The state which isn't normally installed is detected.

ver2.0.131 (2015/07/29)
ADD: Supported DirectX12.
ADD: Disable Mouse Hook option.
FIX: Problem of 64bit video codec enumeration.
FIX: Problem of the compatibility of OpenGL.
FIX: The bug of the overlays of DirectX9.
FIX: Various problems of DirectX8.