Author Topic: Dxtory 2.0.132 - Feedback thread  (Read 1378 times)


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Dxtory 2.0.132 - Feedback thread
« on: August 12, 2015, 06:55:34 am »
Thought might be a good idea to start feedback threads for each release of Dxtory so there is a single place for feedback. So as the title states this one is for the latest release of Dxtory ver 2.0.132.

Vast improvement over versions 2.0.130 and 2.0.131. For starters Dxtory codec is now usable again and I can import recordings into Premiere Pro. Nice to also see that when I do import the vids, Premiere Pro is no longer showing any blank frames, (which it was also doing with the previous two releases). Main title I game on is BF4. My setup is :

GPU - Titan X (nVidia driver version 353.62 WHQL)
CPU - i7-5960X
Memory - 64Gb DDR4
OS - Windows 10
Native resolution - 2560x1440
Recording resolution - 1920x1080
Recording fps - 60
Recording drive - 2 x 1Tb WD Black RAID0

Literally just downloaded and done a quick test, so nothing in depth at this stage, but compared to the previous two releases, this one seems to have Dxtory back upto it's usual high standard. Particularly pleased that I can use the Dxtory codec again.
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