Author Topic: Extract Audio Stream not working on one hard drive: will on another  (Read 1112 times)


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I have a weird issue here. I've been attempting to change my hard drive where I put the videos I record to. Everything is running fine (1080p 60fps) except when I go to extract the two streams I have. It will not actually extract them. I right click the video file, choose "Extract Audio Stream", and the window will pop up for a fraction of a second before disappearing. Nothing happens.

Trouble is, I know the two streams are there, because I tried to take one of the files I'm testing this on (in which this problem occurred on, as it's been with every single file I've tried recording with this hard drive that I've had for a while, it's at 78 mb/sec, which I know is slightly slower than recommended, but it's working fine so far), and I moved it to the drive that I was recording on (same drive as my game files are on...bad choice, but it was all I had). And then tried to extract, and it extracted fine. Everything was there. Meaning that it's writing everything perfectly. It's just not letting me extract on this drive.

Thing is, though, is that I've been noticing a strange occurrence on this hard drive: it's been asking for Admin permission to delete files, which no other drive has been doing. It's also not letting me change permissions. Have a feeling that this could be the cause, but that's one of the things about computers in which I'm not an expert at right now. I hope that's all that it is, but if it's not, anyone know of another reason?

EDIT: Just tried changing ownership of the hard drive to me. It's still not letting me extract the streams, and is doing the same thing as before. It'll extract if I move the file to another drive though.
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Re: Extract Audio Stream not working on one hard drive: will on another
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