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Pixely Video at 1080p


Alright so I have been testing out dxtory with bf3 and have made this video using it and windows movie maker...

However even at 1080p resolution on youtube you can clearly see the video is not perfect quality. does anybody have any suggestions on fixing this?

CPU: AMD FX-8120 @ 4.0ghz
RAM: 8gb G. Skill Ripjaws X 1600
GPU: EVGA GTX 660 SC Edition
HDD: 1tb 7200 RPM (dxtory benchmark is 156 mb/sec)

and I am using the Lagarith Lossless Codec.

If there is anything else you need to know just tell me.

- youtube
- perfect quality
Choose one. :)

Youtube compresses videos quite hard, you simply cannot get it to look flawless there.

you can help it somewhat by encoding your video with high bitrates, so that your video contains as little as possible of compression artifacts (the "pixelation"). The videos I usually upload are roughly 16-20Mbps* x264-encoded and they seem quite OK in youtube, but still they get "smushed" here and there.

did some math, apparently my bitrates vary from ~16 to 50 Mbps. I'm using "quality based vbr" which tries to keep the "pixelation"/compression artifacts constant, so a more complex scene doesn't look any more distorted than a simple scene.
This of course means that my videos can be anywhere between 1-4 GB per 15min video. I may be overdoing it a bit, but I have fast upload speed so... don't care.

would you mind telling me what settings you use for your x264 codec, and I am pretty new to dxtory so would you also mind telling me how to adjust my bitrate.

I doni't use x264 with dxtory, I use it to encode my video after I have edited it with sony vegas. For dxtory capture I use Ut Video Codec.

I wouldn't even recommend using x264 with dxtory.

alright well do you know of any good guides that you would recommend to me? I am not sure about all the settings and such and just need some help setting it up correctly for my pc setup so I no longer have the "compression of artifacts" or "pixelation".


Edit: Figured out what was up, I was saving it as was the bit rate recommended by movie maker for youtube and this time I saved it at the bit rate recommended for 1080p quality and it looks muchhhhh better. I guess that was what you were saying the whole time I just didn't understand because like it says under my name, I am a noob at this.


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