Author Topic: [WIN10] Dxtory produces Lag / Laggy footage when resizing resolution 2K -> 1080p  (Read 1034 times)


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recently I switched to Windows 10 and I updates from 2.0.128 to 2.0.133.
Since then my Arma3 footage has severe lagging in the resulting footage (2.0.133), I played a bit around with the settings (Lagarithmic/Dxtory Video Codec) and I found out that the resizing of my footage causes the laggy footage.
I resize my recordings in Dxtory to 75% so from 2560x1440 to 1920x1080, this is a bug in 2.0.133.

But when I try to use the stable 2.0.128 it will work in Arma3 only.
unfortunately I'm getting a new bug (since Win10 update) with 2.0.128 that I can't open CSGO or Dayz Standalone, because when I just have dxtory open it will cause severe lag, without even recording!

So either I use 2.0.133 and play my Games on 1080p on my 2K Monitor or I have to switch between 2.0.128 and 2.0.133 for my specific recordings.

I hope this is understandable and I hope I can produce more content with Dxtory for my Youtube channel in the future.