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Re: De-Sync in DirectX Games
« Reply #15 on: February 10, 2016, 05:42:40 am »
Shadowplay and Dxtory work differently when it syncs probably.
Cause Dxtory does No syncing at all.

Thing is, in reality it works like this.

If you record something, A Video (CPU bound), Audio (Soundcard bound) and Mic (Mic Bound (if connected to same Soundcard as Audio, it is the same)).
What happens is this.

Video will go by the CPU, and 100 seconds by the CPU is the "Real Time".
Audio will go by the Soundcard and 100 seconds for that one might be 101 seconds to the CPU (extreme example).
And Mic if it has it's own Soundcard (like a USB mic) 100 seconds to that might be 101 seconds to the Soundcard and 102 seconds to the CPU (not sure if i calculate that correctly though, it has to be in the middle, lower than both or higher than both, it can't be at some weird place as it's still a timer that's drifting).

For normal recording software, one would assume that you would correct this problem, which is simple to cut/add to the Sound in order for it to stay in sync with the Video.
OBS does this, and probably Shadowplay as well.

Dxtory doesn't, it just records them completely separate with no sync what so ever (except that they start recording at the same time).

If you could provide med with a video with the sync it would help, that way i could probably calculate the difference and see if it holds true to the clock drift.

I would suggest Super Mario World intro cause of it's simplicity in this.
If you can't upload the entire video, it's enough to show the beginning (20 secs maybe) and then the ending by the same amount.
Though i would need a clock added to the video in that case in order to see the time:)

I will try upload an example video as i think i have such a video laying around somewhere.


Okay i didn't have a video that was long enough so it wasn't any obvious desync (only had about an hour, ans my Soundcard drifts quite small and negative, so it's hard to perceive).
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Re: De-Sync in DirectX Games
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Re: De-Sync in DirectX Games
« Reply #17 on: February 19, 2016, 10:40:51 pm »
Gah, I just lost a long ass post in the bit void.. ah well.

TL;DR is that I had some desync issues in my latest xcom 2 video. I edited the video together and it seems like I had multiple still frame parts where both audios and video would desync in different rates at different parts. 

There was noticeable desync after first still frame at 5 minutes into it. I'm guessin that it was caused by either XCOM2's FPS drops (it has lots of them) or then my HDD was getting full (it was) or it was otherwise failing to keep up (it's a raid 0 of questionable HDD's, it could happen).

I've made 25 videos and they are about 1h each and this was the first one where i noticed desync.
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