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Need tips for best settings for my PC
« on: July 11, 2016, 01:39:15 am »
Recordings with Dxtory behave a lot better with my video editors than Nvidia Shadowplay does and produces higher quality results, but I struggle to get consistant 1440p 60 FPS recordings. Specifically, today I was trying to record "Inside" which isn't a very demanding game, but I couldn't get the recording over 45 FPS until I dropped it to 1080p.

I'm using Lagarith x64 codec with multithreading enabled, outputting to a file, framerate set to 60.

Under advanced options, I have multi GPU Stable enabled (am using two GTX 980's with SLI) and Limit Video FPS 60. I have tried selecting both 8 CPU threads and 16 CPU threads and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Version: 2.0.134
UID: 9d295fed-1822-4a70-8a0b-c37e7471e4de

[Dxtory Files]
InstallPath: C:\Program Files (x86)\ExKode\Dxtory2.0
amd_ags.dll Size: 271,872 bytes Ver:  SHA1: 44ab4f74637e23ca586580c6d746974e86da98e6
AppNames.txt Size: 1,047 bytes SHA1: 40cd39ab435dbcb3d44eba72b737a05b9a14410b
AudioStreamSplitter.exe Size: 38,432 bytes Ver: SHA1: 5195bb906a508f9e7175f3c9c7d62c6c76f8217c
AudioStreamSplitter_ja.txt Size: 134 bytes SHA1: 489a5264d73a47edcce7c92edb131cf63e5e5709
AVIFix.exe Size: 72,192 bytes Ver: SHA1: 8743067b975002d014008cfb0db363dfb606c375
AVIFix_ja.txt Size: 288 bytes SHA1: 9cab20780686687b84f604c77c73aaae3fd8126d
AVIMux.exe Size: 166,432 bytes Ver: SHA1: 434d85edc5d4bb77c64ca703f9790062cc87a117
AVIMuxCore.dll Size: 199,200 bytes Ver: SHA1: 53661b27f6f6f9f3e8316dca872fd4b01da93e49
AVIMux_ja.txt Size: 1,701 bytes SHA1: fa240715d701f450bb95377aa8517a252329b619
CryptData.pup Size: 84 bytes SHA1: cf9d724807f965d372da4d168bebd78c5258d6ae
Dxtory.exe Size: 598,736 bytes Ver: SHA1: 8743faaa780ce0a8dc6f95c9720287f479481c26
Dxtory64.exe Size: 130,112 bytes Ver: SHA1: 4cce60b896a04515767435c7fd29feefed3c1aac
DxtoryCore.dll Size: 8,242,856 bytes Ver: SHA1: cf4dd1ec59ccc2599090760216b77ed47f0c3020
DxtoryCore64.dll Size: 7,950,544 bytes Ver: SHA1: 6c92f64509f5e7082e70869256364a88c54c74a0
DxtoryHK.dll Size: 196,304 bytes Ver: SHA1: 194db8da5ecaa84a7869e5b6bd72c4a5b37294bb
DxtoryHK64.dll Size: 226,000 bytes Ver: SHA1: 19fc633d572f172b339b27ed3fff9c2df23d57b5
DxtoryLicenceFile.dxtorylic Size: 184 bytes SHA1: 7d9c6546a65eebd497d7465f067c1b4b909cd31a
DxtoryMM.dll Size: 1,125,952 bytes Ver: SHA1: b0b6fcc47b6b3f326de582975b269d57c2dd0594
DxtoryMM64.dll Size: 1,139,776 bytes Ver: SHA1: 4cc91746487d863e2eea7a572c498c7eddf83817
DxtoryVideo.dll Size: 434,720 bytes Ver: SHA1: 8d1393e8ce7cfd4b5e2a3481308b8410c3730ab7
DxtoryVideo64.dll Size: 473,120 bytes Ver: SHA1: f2c63192dfe94db290be10a9d8b66c7a04949ae3
DxtoryVideo64_Install.bat Size: 28 bytes SHA1: 308ae1e37b5e28ff7134beb319faad48280068b0
DxtoryVideo64_Uninstall.bat Size: 31 bytes SHA1: 3fbf8d3c3a5b375eda07e47a64534b91c8df5139
DxtoryVideoSetting.exe Size: 129,568 bytes Ver: SHA1: ee440e846cfeec2acb4a88f81f589e00c34e825e
DxtoryVideoSetting_ja.txt Size: 1,675 bytes SHA1: e532f36bd5ac6255659d240180637484661f0c83
DxtoryVideo_Install.bat Size: 26 bytes SHA1: b00e69772cc1cae9e86fe2b70ca290c488723fd7
DxtoryVideo_Uninstall.bat Size: 29 bytes SHA1: 0b0202cbc7fba373f42e1a6916fc2ad01edaa627
Dxtory_ja.txt Size: 19,555 bytes SHA1: 6556833be873a4b7648d78ae8fdc838fe05af11f
EULA_en.txt Size: 1,356 bytes SHA1: 340c6b3425ab78d83c6a8bd344b6cc58d152ce8f
EULA_ja.txt Size: 1,814 bytes SHA1: cded0d38ec6a1cb0e86bc264496deaa28082cb51
filelist.txt Size: 279 bytes SHA1: 25a851b1be1fe98be7f99b36819b6e46e284a8e3
filelist64.txt Size: 289 bytes SHA1: 084b27be18abde30c8cf7cf474ebe9e899389190
ignore_module_list.txt Size: 1,130 bytes SHA1: 4907c6da467802a3b42a48f3716e9a88cd5cb920
LicReg.dat Size: 11,776 bytes SHA1: 5d5160b4dc3390ad689eacfaf5ae27fb66cb0728
LicReg.exe Size: 96,816 bytes Ver: SHA1: 0d236ac1394a97d35a67c63ec15e45a80f87db5b
LicReg_ja.txt Size: 707 bytes SHA1: 981af64897276c22867952f4972d9c29c6ee35e7
RawCapConv.exe Size: 208,928 bytes Ver: SHA1: 32b6ec5d2f6649df4a47aedc476965433a8bdec4
RawCapConv_ja.txt Size: 1,869 bytes SHA1: 12086976f07abfc8d435abeee6c450c3cb2b07cd
RCStream.dll Size: 164,352 bytes Ver: SHA1: 31266452f142cd7c856384945ffc410b2c9c8be9
readme.txt Size: 1,322 bytes SHA1: f8b7e31de7927309f7f3e03936374837906a94d9
Src16x10_Dest4x3.png Size: 40,081 bytes SHA1: 3b4f6332b8b3129ee351a9c96a9c4ac7f6f7a4cd
Src16x9_Dest4x3.png Size: 40,179 bytes SHA1: fcec824f4e95f7becf65bbabcc1a99c1470b99a1
unins000.dat Size: 22,059 bytes SHA1: 59c75d636fb767cc2bc504e6987b72901053f3aa
unins000.exe Size: 1,198,288 bytes Ver: 51.1052.0.0 SHA1: 5e106b4c76f90bb721c4e7eca823f2866622f07e
unins000.msg Size: 22,701 bytes SHA1: ab7961d64f8b22503c9c7ca4b335fa539b0278a3
UpdateChecker.exe Size: 93,696 bytes Ver: SHA1: 221bd3663f4393b368ebf74d1a892f9379ddbe44
UpdateChecker.ini Size: 238 bytes SHA1: 796da23b4a505bf2ef370dc271d1a80585dff6e2
UpdateChecker_ja.txt Size: 190 bytes SHA1: 969913786a3497f3e448572f7810ee9814314928
UWPHelper.dll Size: 132,672 bytes Ver: SHA1: 73adada2bf2e13b10e775e4e5fb64bb0144869b9
UWPHelper64.dll Size: 157,760 bytes Ver: SHA1: 9e058ebd49070c9e826f954afb9a0994d4729a09
DxtoryCodec.dll 64bit Size: 2,606,144 bytes Ver: SHA1: 7ef69696fe270d8bf353ead32bd58681ee61e5fe
DxtoryCodec.dll 32bit Size: 2,499,648 bytes Ver: SHA1: cd610194e3ddceefa04bc0f28a5f2139fee0d615

[System Information]
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5960X CPU @ 3.00GHz
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64
OSVersion: 10.0.10586
OSLanguage: 2057
Memory0: NODE 1 8,589,934,592 bytes
Memory1: NODE 1 8,589,934,592 bytes
Memory2: NODE 1 8,589,934,592 bytes
Memory3: NODE 1 8,589,934,592 bytes
TotalMemory: 34,359,738,368 bytes
Total Physical Memory: 34,223,149,056 bytes
Available Physical Memory: 21,188,268,032 bytes
Total Page File: 39,323,422,720 bytes
Available Page File: 22,838,329,344 bytes
Total Virtual Memory: 2,147,352,576 bytes
Available Virtual Memory: 1,708,634,112 bytes
PerformanceCounterFrequency: 2934779 (0x2CC7FB)
VideoCard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Memory: 4,293,918,720 Processor: GeForce GTX 980 DriverVer: DriverDate: 2016-05-09 01-00-00
VideoCard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Memory: 4,293,918,720 Processor: NVxx DriverVer: DriverDate: 2016-05-09 01-00-00
Display0: 2560x1440 32bits 144Hz
SoundDevice: USB Audio Device Manufacturer: (Generic USB Audio)
SoundDevice: NVIDIA High Definition Audio Manufacturer: NVIDIA
SoundDevice: NVIDIA High Definition Audio Manufacturer: NVIDIA
SoundDevice: Realtek High Definition Audio Manufacturer: Realtek
SoundDevice: USB Audio Device Manufacturer: (Generic USB Audio)
SoundDevice: NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) Manufacturer: NVIDIA

NVDriver: 365.19 r364_00
SLI Enabled
GPU0: GeForce GTX 980 Memory: 4096MB MemoryClock: 3505MHz BaseClock: 1241MHz BoostClock: 1342MHz
GPU1: GeForce GTX 980 Memory: 4096MB MemoryClock: 3505MHz BaseClock: 1241MHz BoostClock: 1342MHz

[Audio Device]
Headset Earphone (HyperX 7.1 Audio) - CoreAudioOut
Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) - CoreAudioOut
Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio) - CoreAudioOut
Speakers (2- RODE NT-USB) - CoreAudioOut
Microphone (2- RODE NT-USB) - CoreAudioIn, Volume 90
Headset Microphone (HyperX 7.1 Audio) - CoreAudioIn, Volume 100

[Video Codec 64bit]
Intel IYUV codec FCC:iyuv
Lagarith Lossless Codec FCC:lags
Microsoft RLE FCC:mrle
Microsoft Video 1 FCC:msvc
proDAD Codec FCC:pdad

[Video Codec 32bit]
Cinepak Codec by Radius FCC:cvid
Intel IYUV codec FCC:iyuv
Lagarith Lossless Codec FCC:lags
Microsoft RLE FCC:mrle
Microsoft Video 1 FCC:msvc

[Audio Codec]
Microsoft IMA ADPCM
Microsoft CCITT G.711
Microsoft GSM 6.10
IEEE Float

[License Information]
License: Registered
Expire: Unlimited
LicVerify: ffec3e34b441d89661d097f27e0c1a8e9baf6543

[Additional Information]
Dxtory_log.txt: Empty
ErrorLog.txt: Available Size=498

[Global Setting]

[Ignore List]
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\OUTLOOK.EXE
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\WINWORD.EXE
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\ONENOTE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\EXCEL.EXE
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\POWERPNT.EXE
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe


Name: Default

Position: LeftTop
Flag: VidoeFPS RecordFPS RecordState SSNotification  Time Warn
Layout: Vert
Color: Sleep FF00FF00, Active FFFFBC00, Movie  FF00FF00, ScreenShot FF00FF00

x D:\Temp\Dxtory  Speed: 488MB/sec  Free: 419,401,871,360 Total: 1,024,207,089,664 Format: NTFS

MovieCapture: F9 (0x00000043)
PushToTalk: None
ScreenShotSingle: F11 (0x00000057)
ScreenShotRepeat: None
ScreenShotAuto: None
ToggleStatus: None
MovieCaptureFrame: None
ScreenShotCaptureFrame: None

ClipMargin: 0,0,0,0
ClipSize: 0,0
Scaling: Size 100% 1920x1080
Codec: Lagarith Lossless Codec, Quality 10000, KeyFrameRate 15, DataRate 0, 64bit
FrameRate: 60
Output: File AVI

Enabled: True
PushToTalk: False
Device: Headset Earphone (HyperX 7.1 Audio)
Codec: PCM
Format: PCM 48000 Hz, 16 bit, Stereo

ClipMargin: 0,0,0,0
ClipSize: 0,0
Scaling: Percent 100% 0x0
HighSpeedLimit: 0
RepeatInterval: 1000
Format: PNG
JpegQuality: 97

DataProcessingOption: StableProcessing ForceCPUProcessing
ThreadCount: 1
ThreadMask: 000000000000FF00
LimitedFPS: True
FPSLimit: 60
DelayHook: False
DelayHookTime: 5


Path: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\INSIDE\INSIDE.exe

DateTime: 2016/07/10 17:20:26
Version: 2.0.134
64bit Process
DeviceType: GL DX11


VerifyHash: d76fb4beda20f876d644994f2c681f57e6905e2e
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Re: Need tips for best settings for my PC
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2016, 02:04:36 am » as with any thread, post environment info. reduces guesswork and shows how all your settings/hardware/codecs are.


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Re: Need tips for best settings for my PC
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2016, 02:49:48 am »
Thanks, have updated post with this info.


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Re: Need tips for best settings for my PC
« Reply #3 on: July 11, 2016, 05:49:37 am »
disclaimer: I've had beer. End of disclaimer.

Can't see anything obviously wrong with that setup, except maybe lagarith codec. Lagarith, in my experience, tends to have quite a bit of cpu overhead. As you have quite a fast recording drive, you might want to look into ut video codec (;O=D ) or magicyuv (, get version 1.2, it is pay-what-you-will, pay 0$ to test it ).

IMO, magicyuv is better than utvideo in all cases. In any case, Lagarith can lag a bit on higher resolutions as it compresses quite a bit. magicyuv and utvideo compress less, which leads to bigger files, BUT they cause less performance hit as long as your recording device can handle it. I record pretty much everything with magicyuv solely because of this. I have way more storage space (raid0, 3TB) than cpu power (i7-2600k, @4.2GHz).

edit: as for how much bigger files utvideo/magicyuv produce compared to lagarith varies, highly. If you record oldskool pixel games, the difference is _immense_. If you record more recent games the difference gets smaller (more complex image -> the worse compression gets). I usually get ~50-400GB/h 1080p60 with magicyuv, depending **heavily** on the game.

edit2: some time later I realized it is probably worth mentioning that magicyuv shines with yuv420, Rec709 colors. Reduces bitrate noticeably, very minimal dent on image quality (some yellow colors might suffer in saturation)
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Re: Need tips for best settings for my PC
« Reply #4 on: July 12, 2016, 02:47:25 am »
Thanks, have experimented following your suggestions and went with Magicyuv, I just need to watch the diskspace!