Author Topic: Dxtory Ver2.0.137 Release  (Read 22192 times)


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Dxtory Ver2.0.137 Release
« on: October 11, 2016, 04:21:23 pm »
Various fixes are included.
In the single-GPU environment, performance of DX9 has been considerably improved.
Any more performance improvement needs major version up.

If it does not start, please reboot the PC.
(A sharing memory exists somewhere, and it's done because of failing in initialization.)

ver2.0.137 (2016/10/11)
ADD: Supported DirectX12 multi-GPU.
ADD: RawInput Hook.
MOD: Codes of hook processing.
MOD: UWP process detection was improved.
MOD: Performance of DirectX9 improved.
MOD: All of the capture process code.
FIX: Deadlock of the high-speed screenshot.