Author Topic: Is dxtory dead?  (Read 1200 times)


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Is dxtory dead?
« on: April 21, 2017, 03:24:45 pm »
I sure hope not! But can you at least give us some feedback if you're going to implement modern features that most of dxtory alternatives already have?

Here's a feature request I asked about:
And before that there was several threads about the previous version of AMD AMF (I think it was called VCE) and all I could find was some community contributed, alpha state plugin, that had abysmal performance compared to the alternatives.

It's fine if you think dxtory doesn't need those features but at least give us some feedback about it! What is the roadmap for dxtory, are you working on AMD AMF / NVIDIA NVENC support? Is the software in basic maintenance mode forever?

I have tested a lot of recording software and I still think dxtory is the best of them. That's why I'm holding my money down until I get a final answer (or I would have bought something else, but I don't want to!). I want to buy dxtory but I need AMD AMF and other stuff that, like I said, even obs studio (open source) already have.
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