Author Topic: License not coming through after following the re-send license steps/protocol.  (Read 592 times)


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My computer had recently blown up, so i had to buy a new one but unfortunately i hadn't backed up my Dxtory License anywhere, of course i was in bit of a scramble so i decided that i should check the forum, as i was sure that i had lost my license before a long, long time ago way, way before my old computer blew up. Luckily i was able to find what I was pretty sure was originally the forum link that i had been to before. And to my relief there was a way for me to recover my license through the e-mail that i had bought it with, which to me brought a great sigh of relief as i have used the same e-mail address for several years now. The only problem i have ran into is that even after waiting for several days for the e-mail i have been waiting for it hasn't come through, I don't quite know exactly as to why it hasn't yet but I feel pretty confident in saying that it's not normal for the email not to come through by now.

I'm curious if anyone else is having this same problem or if anyone has a solution to this issue, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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