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Problems with DXTory
« on: January 03, 2019, 02:46:42 pm »
I was writing this on my mobile so anyone asking for an enviroment log, I don’t have one presently available(Tendency to delete logs of things I have absoloutely no idea of).

So in the last year I have had so many Tech problems, and some were associated with DXTory, Here is the list:

1: The all common INIT error which I had fixed so many times.

2: Recording a video slowly had an Audio/Video Desync after some 7 or so minutes.

3: When reviewing recorded footage, there were several video stutters that also cause an Audio/Video desync.

4: (This is more Recent), I press the record button, it shows the satistics like bitrate, time recorded, etc, however not a single second records and when I press the record button it “stops” the recording but the FPS overlay has FIN and does not dissapear, and there is no footage.

These are some settings and specs, that MIGHT help

PC Specs:
Codec/s Used: x265vfw Codec(Which for some reason I cannot seem to get it working), x264vfw Codec.
Audio: Lame MP3 Codec, Highest Quality possible.
Audio Channels: 3, Game Audio, Discord Chat Audio, Microphone Audio
Resoloution: 1440p
FPS: 60fps
Bitrate: 32000