Author Topic: Dxtory isnt recording a secondary audio stream, no, it isnt that I didnt extract  (Read 32 times)


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I've been googling away and I just cannot find an answer to this.

First audio stream is (headset, records fine) PCM 48000hz 16 bit stereo and second (mic, records fine if set to first audio stream) stream is PCM 96000 hz 16 bit stereo.

I've tried extracting and mux. Extracting gives me a 4.1kb empty wav file for the second stream while first is fine. Mux only shows the first audio stream.

I'm using Lagarith Lossless Codec to record and file outputting as AVI at a scaled down 720p from 1080p using the size option.

Thank for all and any help, I dont know where else to post.