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How to report
« on: May 02, 2013, 05:32:52 pm »
As for the title, the thing which omitted the content of the event is recommended.
When there is a thread of similar content, please post it to the thread.
However, when the thread of the object is old, you may create a new thread.
If it is far apart and the version is different, the other thread is better.
It is forbidden to post by the taking advantage of other threads.

Please report according to the following format.

The details of the state that it seems that it is a bug or the behavior.

[Condition of an event]
Operational procedure where event is generated.

[Target program]
Target program that tried to do capture.(Game ect)

[Player of movie]
Please describe it at the report concerning the playing a AVI file.
Ex) Windows Media Player 11

[Environment Information]
All texts that can be acquired in "Environment Information" on Dxtory.

[Error Log]
Content output to ErrorLog.txt, Dxtory_log.txt or CapConv_log.txt.

Please inform me of the following item when you cannot acquire Environment Information.

[Dxtory Version]
Ex) 2.0.103

Ex) Core i7 980X
Please fill it in by a detailed model name.

OS Name and 64bit or 32bit Edition.
Please fill in the number of the service pack.
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