Author Topic: Catalyst 14.X performance issue  (Read 4704 times)


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Catalyst 14.X performance issue
« on: August 12, 2014, 11:11:51 pm »
The interesting result was able to be obtained when some versions were tested.

Radeon HD 7970

Test Driver List
13.9 WHQL
13.12 WHQL
14.4 WHQL
14.7 beta

In the capture of OpenGL (Minecraft), 13.X did not have a performance problem.
However, in 14.X, performance falls extremely.
Probably the driver code of data transfer will not be optimized.
Since it was the same as the time of Mantle release, specification was changed, possibly the reference module was used temporarily.

NVIDIA is also, but that the implementation of OpenGL is shoddy, there are occasionally.

There is no such problem in GeForce currently.

ver2.0.129 later, this problem has been resolved.

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