Author Topic: when editin dxtory with After Effects cant figure out how to adjust audio levels  (Read 2122 times)


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I edit the videos with DxTory I make with Adobe After Effects but I can't figure out how to edit the sound. It only shows up with the visual and that's it. When I render it out there is no sound  :-\
Please help!


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It is a problem by the side of Adobe.


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When you render output, click on the Output Module text.

Now a window will come up, at the bottom, check Audio Output, and choose whatever samplerate you want (44.1 or 48khz is probably correct), and 16 bit.

For increasing audio level, there is a audio tab on the right side (depend on configurations though). And there will be 3 sliders, Left Channel (left) both channels(middle) Right Channel(right), so just drag the middle one up or down. Be careful not to go to high as it will introduce clipping if it goes beyond 0db.