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What method does DXtory use to resize videos?


Hey ExKoder and everyone else,

at the moment I am playing in 1080p but I want my videos to end up in 720p. I am thinking whether I should record at 720p with DXtory or maybe record at 1080 and let MEGUi encode at 720p.

So basically I am asking - what tool has the best quality resize? MEGUI uses lanczos4 and the quality is very good. If DXtory uses something similiar I will just record in 720p instead of 1080p.

What do you suggest?

Thanks in advance!

1st) I highly assume that DXTory wont do any special filtering, it will just resize via nearest neighbour method.
2nd) For youtube I cant recommend lanczos4 anymore. It uses too much sharpness and as a result of this, it has heavy ringing problems. Both make the material very bad compressable. For youtube it is important to have the material as compressable as possible.  So try rather Spline16 and the Blockbuster Filter @ the following settings:

--- Code: ---Blockbuster(method="blur", detail_min=75, detail_max=100, strength=100, block_size=4)
--- End code ---

In practice I had found specifying 1280x720  (1080p actual)  to be quite good looking.   I can't imagine downsizing is much of a problem these days,  unless you're using a method that over-sharpens.  Downsizing is a lot easier than upscaling,  in terms of maintaining picture quality etc.

But it can also depend on the game and the fonts/sizes used,  in terms of  readability


--- Quote ---Downsizing is a lot easier than upscaling,  in terms of maintaining picture quality etc
--- End quote ---
No. It has stronger loss than upsizing. I thought first the same, but I had to experience the difference.

For youtube though: DONT DO THAT. Youtube looks at 720p much much worse than at 1080p.
For better quality at youtube: Encode to 2048x1152 and use at least 41 fps. This gives you 3-times the bitrate compared to regular 1080p.

With modern HUD systems I dont recommend the blockbuster filter anymore and also in general I dont recommend it anymore.


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