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How/where do you promote Dxtory?

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Where do you guys go to promote Dxtory so Excoder gets more sales?

Personally wherever somebody is doing some video recording, I openly talk about Dxtory and all its benefits etc on places like 4chan or Reddit where people ask how to do things like make WebM's or gifs, then try to teach them how to use it, normally the result is tons of posts of people thanking me on using Dxtory over stuff like FRAPS or Afterburner etc.

That reminds me I have to re-make all my tutorials as Dxtory and all the capture codecs have been heavily updated as of late, I'll get on that soon.

Dxtory is being primarily promoted by the community themselves. Major Gaming channels such as TotalBiscuit (Cynical Brit), JackFrags, Frankie1080ponPC, etc. answer Q&A's or create individual videos that they use Dxtory, hence more people get interested in Dxtory. I don't think ExKoder is promoting it anywhere else.

For instance this JackFrags tutorial video is the most viewed Dxtory tutorial on YouTube. It's a good example of community promotion:

Cool, was just wondering what people do to promote Dxtory and everything


Sweet, Total Biscuit uses Dxtory

I know, I've mentioned it my previous post :P


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