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Title: TIP: Microphone Sync
Post by: Horikawa Otane on March 11, 2016, 07:46:09 pm
So I've been having an issue where my Microphone hasn't been syncing, but the game audio and Skype audio (which I record on another stream via Voicemeeter) synced well.

I tore my hair out for awhile on it and tested a gazillion things. Tried new video codecs, tried new audio settings (setting my mic down to 44100hz, etc) to no avail.

Then I tried my old crappy webcam and it worked fine, so it was my professional Mic that was having an issue rather than DXTory. I use a Blue Yeti Pro, btw.

So what I did to fix it was:

I had my audio recording set up to take in my Mic at PCM 192000 Hz, 32 bit Stereo. My Microphone can only handle up to PCM 192000 Hz, 24 bit Stereo.

The upscaling to 32 bit was causing the lag. When I set my mic both in Recording Settings and Dxtory to PCM 192000 Hz, 24 bit Stereo, the audio lag was removed completely.

Problem solved!

So idk if this helps anyone, but if you're having Microphone Sync problems, just make sure the quality of your mic in Microphone Properties/Advanced matches your Audio Setting quality in Dxtory!