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Title: DXTory Settings
Post by: IDGam3r on November 12, 2016, 04:02:57 pm
ok, so i don't want to dwell on unnessacary details so i'll jump to the heart of the problem.

I wanna record my videos but the audio doesnt quite work the way i want it to, i want to have individual cannels for the following, Game Audio, My commentary and audio from skype/teamspeak/discord/ventrillo/raidcall/mumble, sadly i suck at getting my settings correct, and no matter how many videos i watch on YouTube i run into the same problem which is DXTory records my game audio but not my commentary or audio from skype/teamspeak/discord/ventrillo/raidcall/mumble, and plus with the amount of games i want to record i gotta jump from one video codec to the other to get the best quality i can from whatever game i am recording, when i would prefer one codec that is a great if not a spectacular codec to use that can record ANY game in high quality(1080p60fps, and on extreme rarity 4k60fps)

I am more than happy to speak on discord/skype if need be.

Any and all help would be appreciated
Title: Re: DXTory Settings
Post by: ClassifyLP on November 15, 2016, 01:26:25 am
Please post the environment information as described here: http://forum.exkode.com/index.php?topic=2.0

Dxtory does not offer virtual audio channels, so you need an additional program to split the audio in different tracks to record them sperately. I recommend Virtual Audio Cable.

You only need one codec, if you use the right one. MagicYUV or UtVideo are currently the best free ones available. 4K@60fps recording is very demanding, depending on your setup, you will not be able to achieve a stable recording (, but the environmental information will help estimate this).