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Title: DOOM 2016 crashes in OpenGL during Dxtory hooks/Vulkan mode outs low FPS file
Post by: darkpower on January 20, 2017, 03:21:13 pm
So, issue is that no matter what I have tried to do to get this to work, DOOM 2016 just never seems to want to let Dxtory hook to it. It crashes spectacularly every single time it hooks (Delay Hook doesn't help, as it is fine until Dxtory attempts to hook to the game, then the game locks out completely, sending me to the crash report screen). This is when the game is in its OpenGL mode (something that Dxtory has had issues dealing with in the past, but usually DH seems to work around this issue). When I try to switch to the games "Vulkan" mode, it will hooks, but the output file is VERY low FPS (in the teens at best), and it's just not usable. I've seen others be able to get Dxtory to work with this game, but seen more people fail to get Dxtory to work with it.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong? I was trying to use OBS for this, and it was working for a while, until I lost a 2+ hour recording due to its "Stopping Recording..." bug it seems to have from time to time. Would really love to get Dxtory to work the way I want it to with this game.