Author Topic: Some changes to default settings really needed  (Read 2319 times)


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Some changes to default settings really needed
« on: June 20, 2013, 04:20:48 am »
There are some default settings which are not good chosen.
-> Include Mouse Cursor should be enabled. Most people need and want that.
-> DXTory Codec shouldn't be as default at RGB with no compression.
It rather should be defaulted to yuv420 with compression - the very most people don't have storage (especially only one HDD Drive) arent even not nearly able to record that huge amount of data and also isnt necessary in any way. When you compress it later to a lossy format you end up in 4:2:0 Chroma anyway. This would save many threads, this would remove eventually existing complaints about laggy recording and so on.
-> Audio should be at 44100 hz, 48000hz is not needed at all. You compress it later to a lossy format anyway (most people dont use FLAC or PCM for their later compression) and also 48000 vs 44100 - maybe a dog can hear the difference. But most people do record videos for humans and not for a dog. And when it comes to lossy: 48000hz is a waste of bitrate. 44100 is more than enough. And also: A conversion of samplerate is a lossy process too (if you want to convert that 48khz to 44,1khz afterwards).
-> advanced tab: There should be the "use default setting" checkmark set at default as well. Many people confuse it, if its not the case and have different settings there for different profiles and even dont know that that happened and it just confuses.
Also: Synchronous Surface Lock and Wait for Buffer (but at least synclock) should be defaulted to enabled. It has so many disadvantages and compatibility dangers that its really not good if its defaulted to disabled  ???
Proc. Threads should be as default to 2 because this is video FPS wise the fastest way. ( it has a cause why also fraps uses only 2 threads and not one and not more than 2. )