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Right, so i've noticed that people have requested other container formats for silly reasons such as youtube compatibility, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me as youtube will transcode for you automatically anyway, but i've got a completely different reason.

I do cross-platform video editing and most of the video editors don't recognize multiple audio tracks in an AVI container.

For example, if i load a video recorded with dxtory into Final Cut over on OS X (or a number of linux video editors), it will act as if the video has a single stereo audio track and other tracks are ignored.

This is not a recording issue, playing the video in media player classic on windows (using directshow), for example, it shows multiple audio tracks.

However, if i manually remux it using ffmpeg to another container format(mp4, mov, mkv, etc.) with something like:
Code: [Select]
ffmpeg -i "%%a" -codec:v copy -codec:a:0 copy -codec:a:1 copy -map 0 "converted\"
If i then import it into most of the editors that had issues, it works fine without any problems. The editors see that it actually contains two stereo tracks and i'm able to mess with those independently without any hassle.  8)

I can also work around this of course by extracting the audio streams, but that quickly becomes a large hassle in complicated projects when i have to manually sync multiple audio tracks and edit the tracks in tandem for every clip, and, as mentioned above i can, of course, manually remux it using ffmpeg, but that takes 1. extra time for remuxing and 2. double the storage space (albeit temporarily), which is already a lot of space when you're talking about lossless video/audio to begin with.  :'(

As far as i can tell, DirectShow is being used for the back end, so adding support for other container formats as directshow is essentially container agnostic and can be easily extended via filters/splitters/multiplexers... So additional container formats should be trivial, making me wonder why dxtory doesn't support them already? ???

TL;DR .avi with multiple audio streams only play nice on windows with (some) programs, many other programs/platforms without directshow support have issues with multi-stream audo AVIs, so more container formats would be appreciated!  ;D

Edit: Theoretically, it might also fix issues with importing to some of the windows-based editors that have similar issues, like premiere.
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