Author Topic: License from 2.0.122 to 2.0.128  (Read 1810 times)


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License from 2.0.122 to 2.0.128
« on: March 05, 2015, 04:31:57 am »
Hello there,

I have bought Dxtory in December 2013. Always updated till the .122 version. Didn't updated it for quite a while. Till now.
Played a game where it wasn't showing the fps counter. Read on The internet that it's probably because I'm using an older version.
So I updated to .128 in a couple of seconds...

And now its asking for my license key and it isn't accepting my .122 key (doooh).

So my question is: Can you guys help me?


I also searched the forums but there no recent topics and answers. Maybe I need another pair of glasses?
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