Author Topic: Crash upon startup (new OS, reinst dxtory etc)  (Read 1208 times)


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Crash upon startup (new OS, reinst dxtory etc)
« on: August 16, 2015, 10:28:22 pm »
Hi, i bought dxtory today, but has not been able to get it going.
It loads after dubble clicking it, but after 15 sec I get an error "dxtory has stopped working".

I just yesterday reinstalled my OS (win 7 64bit) and have disabled CCC, AV, and everything else that might cause this issue. Without progress.
Installed the newest .NET 4.5, then went back to .NET 4.0, also without success.

Screenshot of the crash, and everything I have running during the startup:


Thanks in advance.

Okay, so I changed the install path from "Streaming, Inspelning" till "StreamingoInspelning" and now it works. Something to do with the path I guess. No spaces allowed.
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