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New to Dxtory. Looking for setup help
« on: September 08, 2015, 09:05:27 am »
Hello people! I just started making YouTube videos and am looking for some help setting up Dxtory for optimal performance. My computer is a Intel I7 5820k OC 4.2, Asus GTX 970 strix, 16gb ddr4 2133 mhz ram.

I am playing games like GTAV, Minecraft, League of Legends, Smite, Final Fantasy VII, Rocket League, Etc. This program has a lot of setting and I want to make sure I can make high quality recordings. I have hoping to record at 1080p 60fps.

My main drive which the program will run off from (not record to) is a 500gb evo 850 ssd. It will be recording to either a 3tb WD black drive or an external 2tb WD passport external HHD (using 3.0 usb).

My cpu has 6 cores 12 threads and is overclocked to 4.2Ghz. I see there are settings for cpu control so any insight on how many threads should be used and how high the priority should be would be nice.

I already noticed that if I record, the video will be black unless I play it in Adobe Premiere pro. Anyone know why?

I put the Lagarith Lossless Codec in Dxtory. I was wondering what settings I should use for that? like RGB, RGBA, Yuy2, Yv12. I assume I should pick multi threading.

The enviroment shows both of my monitors, I will be recording on the 144hz if that helps.

I think I covered all my bases. Any help will be much appreciated.

I did the environment information so here is that:

Version: 2.0.132
UID: 1c458b70-ee2e-495c-b6ad-88417cfcff71

[Dxtory Files]
InstallPath: C:\Program Files (x86)\ExKode\Dxtory2.0
amd_ags.dll Size: 271,872 bytes Ver:  SHA1: 44ab4f74637e23ca586580c6d746974e86da98e6
AppNames.txt Size: 1,047 bytes SHA1: 40cd39ab435dbcb3d44eba72b737a05b9a14410b
AudioStreamSplitter.exe Size: 38,432 bytes Ver: SHA1: 5195bb906a508f9e7175f3c9c7d62c6c76f8217c
AudioStreamSplitter_ja.txt Size: 134 bytes SHA1: 489a5264d73a47edcce7c92edb131cf63e5e5709
AVIFix.exe Size: 72,192 bytes Ver: SHA1: 8743067b975002d014008cfb0db363dfb606c375
AVIFix_ja.txt Size: 288 bytes SHA1: 9cab20780686687b84f604c77c73aaae3fd8126d
AVIMux.exe Size: 166,432 bytes Ver: SHA1: 434d85edc5d4bb77c64ca703f9790062cc87a117
AVIMuxCore.dll Size: 199,200 bytes Ver: SHA1: 53661b27f6f6f9f3e8316dca872fd4b01da93e49
AVIMux_ja.txt Size: 1,701 bytes SHA1: fa240715d701f450bb95377aa8517a252329b619
CryptData.pup Size: 84 bytes SHA1: cf9d724807f965d372da4d168bebd78c5258d6ae
Dxtory.exe Size: 589,376 bytes Ver: SHA1: f44d42f1bed9391c6b83bf46a0604de3ac0c55bf
Dxtory64.exe Size: 130,112 bytes Ver: SHA1: 4cce60b896a04515767435c7fd29feefed3c1aac
DxtoryCore.dll Size: 7,136,288 bytes Ver: SHA1: 7750f6d4888d19c4f02e7b30e1a6b19a3fa619d4
DxtoryCore64.dll Size: 6,807,104 bytes Ver: SHA1: 302915f53071dc592ab0549d26611b7edf71c164
DxtoryHK.dll Size: 174,656 bytes Ver: SHA1: 56a2c76428ed5f43075cc0c788534f81dc557eff
DxtoryHK64.dll Size: 186,944 bytes Ver: SHA1: cba5e8fd83b8939212fabf45d4485cbcea5a49d1
DxtoryMM.dll Size: 1,125,952 bytes Ver: SHA1: b0b6fcc47b6b3f326de582975b269d57c2dd0594
DxtoryMM64.dll Size: 1,139,776 bytes Ver: SHA1: 4cc91746487d863e2eea7a572c498c7eddf83817
DxtoryVideo.dll Size: 434,720 bytes Ver: SHA1: 8d1393e8ce7cfd4b5e2a3481308b8410c3730ab7
DxtoryVideo64.dll Size: 473,120 bytes Ver: SHA1: f2c63192dfe94db290be10a9d8b66c7a04949ae3
DxtoryVideo64_Install.bat Size: 28 bytes SHA1: 308ae1e37b5e28ff7134beb319faad48280068b0
DxtoryVideo64_Uninstall.bat Size: 31 bytes SHA1: 3fbf8d3c3a5b375eda07e47a64534b91c8df5139
DxtoryVideoSetting.exe Size: 129,568 bytes Ver: SHA1: ee440e846cfeec2acb4a88f81f589e00c34e825e
DxtoryVideoSetting_ja.txt Size: 1,675 bytes SHA1: e532f36bd5ac6255659d240180637484661f0c83
DxtoryVideo_Install.bat Size: 26 bytes SHA1: b00e69772cc1cae9e86fe2b70ca290c488723fd7
DxtoryVideo_Uninstall.bat Size: 29 bytes SHA1: 0b0202cbc7fba373f42e1a6916fc2ad01edaa627
Dxtory_ja.txt Size: 18,461 bytes SHA1: 093689676cf8ca51b99c97253e5187ded508838a
EULA_en.txt Size: 1,356 bytes SHA1: 340c6b3425ab78d83c6a8bd344b6cc58d152ce8f
EULA_ja.txt Size: 1,814 bytes SHA1: cded0d38ec6a1cb0e86bc264496deaa28082cb51
filelist.txt Size: 223 bytes SHA1: cc6b9d0fd453138907b8cb4a3386472b33289135
filelist64.txt Size: 231 bytes SHA1: e0e277a441381a17c12e5e6deef1d9a0383667cf
ignore_module_list.txt Size: 1,117 bytes SHA1: 9be129e61ec2d7d060fdb0d755c601af132cfa63
LicReg.dat Size: 10,305 bytes SHA1: f4340b7e28e30287486771d15b1bdb39b0a3ef0a
LicReg.exe Size: 96,816 bytes Ver: SHA1: 0d236ac1394a97d35a67c63ec15e45a80f87db5b
LicReg_ja.txt Size: 707 bytes SHA1: 981af64897276c22867952f4972d9c29c6ee35e7
RawCapConv.exe Size: 208,928 bytes Ver: SHA1: 32b6ec5d2f6649df4a47aedc476965433a8bdec4
RawCapConv_ja.txt Size: 1,869 bytes SHA1: 12086976f07abfc8d435abeee6c450c3cb2b07cd
RCStream.dll Size: 164,352 bytes Ver: SHA1: 31266452f142cd7c856384945ffc410b2c9c8be9
readme.txt Size: 1,322 bytes SHA1: f8b7e31de7927309f7f3e03936374837906a94d9
Src16x10_Dest4x3.png Size: 40,081 bytes SHA1: 3b4f6332b8b3129ee351a9c96a9c4ac7f6f7a4cd
Src16x9_Dest4x3.png Size: 40,179 bytes SHA1: fcec824f4e95f7becf65bbabcc1a99c1470b99a1
unins000.dat Size: 23,028 bytes SHA1: f7fbfc2b0bbc7b93d76bc9724a4f1f9f3aa22263
unins000.exe Size: 1,199,680 bytes Ver: 51.1052.0.0 SHA1: ca5f9528690d5300428d7bd64fb070b4fcf68110
unins000.msg Size: 22,701 bytes SHA1: ab7961d64f8b22503c9c7ca4b335fa539b0278a3
UpdateChecker.exe Size: 93,696 bytes Ver: SHA1: 221bd3663f4393b368ebf74d1a892f9379ddbe44
UpdateChecker.ini Size: 238 bytes SHA1: 796da23b4a505bf2ef370dc271d1a80585dff6e2
UpdateChecker_ja.txt Size: 190 bytes SHA1: 969913786a3497f3e448572f7810ee9814314928
DxtoryCodec.dll 64bit Size: 2,606,144 bytes Ver: SHA1: 7ef69696fe270d8bf353ead32bd58681ee61e5fe
DxtoryCodec.dll 32bit Size: 2,499,648 bytes Ver: SHA1: cd610194e3ddceefa04bc0f28a5f2139fee0d615

[System Information]
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home x64
OSVersion: 10.0.10240
OSLanguage: 1033
Memory0: NODE 1 4,294,967,296 bytes
Memory1: NODE 1 4,294,967,296 bytes
Memory2: NODE 1 4,294,967,296 bytes
Memory3: NODE 1 4,294,967,296 bytes
TotalMemory: 17,179,869,184 bytes
Total Physical Memory: 17,070,211,072 bytes
Available Physical Memory: 14,490,525,696 bytes
Total Page File: 19,620,347,904 bytes
Available Page File: 16,348,450,816 bytes
Total Virtual Memory: 2,147,352,576 bytes
Available Virtual Memory: 1,714,659,328 bytes
PerformanceCounterFrequency: 3222655 (0x312C7F)
VideoCard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 Memory: 4,293,918,720 Processor: GeForce GTX 970 DriverVer: DriverDate: 2015-08-05 20-00-00
Display0: 2560x1080 32bits 60Hz
Display1: 1920x1080 32bits 144Hz
SoundDevice: NVIDIA High Definition Audio Manufacturer: NVIDIA
SoundDevice: USB Audio Device Manufacturer: (Generic USB Audio)
SoundDevice: NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) Manufacturer: NVIDIA
SoundDevice: Realtek High Definition Audio Manufacturer: Realtek

NVDriver: 355.60 r355_42
GPU0: GeForce GTX 970 Memory: 4096MB MemoryClock: 3505MHz BaseClock: 1114MHz BoostClock: 1253MHz

[Audio Device]
VG248-0 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) - CoreAudioOut
Speakers (Yeti Stereo Microphone) - CoreAudioOut
LG ULTRAWIDE-4 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) - CoreAudioOut
Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio) - CoreAudioOut
Microphone (Yeti Stereo Microphone) - CoreAudioIn, Volume 100

[Video Codec 64bit]
Intel IYUV codec FCC:i420
Intel IYUV codec FCC:iyuv
Lagarith Lossless Codec FCC:lags
Microsoft RLE FCC:mrle
Microsoft Video 1 FCC:msvc

[Video Codec 32bit]
Cinepak Codec by Radius FCC:cvid
Intel IYUV codec FCC:iyuv
Intel IYUV codec FCC:i420
Lagarith Lossless Codec FCC:lags
Microsoft RLE FCC:mrle
Microsoft Video 1 FCC:msvc

[Audio Codec]
Microsoft IMA ADPCM
Microsoft CCITT G.711
Microsoft GSM 6.10
IEEE Float

[License Information]
License: Registered
Expire: Unlimited
LicVerify: c7b12b0aa542ac8ec9d137576d1095181cd51bfd

[Additional Information]
Dxtory_log.txt: Empty
ErrorLog.txt: Empty

[Global Setting]

[Ignore List]


Name: Default

Option: Right Top VidoeFPS WriteFileFPS RecordState
Color: Sleep FFFF0000, Active FF8700A6, Movie  FFFFFF00, ScreenShot FF00FF00

x H:  Speed: 90MB/sec  Free: 1,968,494,829,568 Total: 2,000,228,970,496 Format: NTFS

MovieCapture: Alt + F9 (0x00080043)
PushToTalk: None
ScreenShotSingle: F11 (0x00000057)
ScreenShotRepeat: None
ScreenShotAuto: None
ToggleStatus: None
MovieCaptureFrame: None
ScreenShotCaptureFrame: None

ClipMargin: 0,0,0,0
ClipSize: 0,0
Scaling: Percent 100% 0x0
Codec: Lagarith Lossless Codec, Quality 10000, KeyFrameRate 15, DataRate 0, 64bit
FrameRate: 60
Output: File AVI
Option: SyncFPS

Enabled: True
PushToTalk: False
Device: Microphone (Yeti Stereo Microphone)
Codec: PCM
Format: PCM 48000 Hz, 16 bit, Stereo

ClipMargin: 0,0,0,0
ClipSize: 0,0
Scaling: Percent 100% 0x0
HighSpeedLimit: 0
RepeatInterval: 1000
Format: PNG
JpegQuality: 97

ThreadCount: 1
ThreadMask: 0000000000000000
LimitedFPS: True
FPSLimit: 60
DelayHook: False
DelayHookTime: 5


Name: javaw.exe
Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\javaw.exe

DateTime: 2015/09/07 19:21:25
Version: 2.0.132
64bit Process
DeviceType: GL DX9
View0.WindowTitle=Minecraft 1.7.10

VerifyHash: a7412ae3d86eb7fbc63b2c6677732b667b479fb1


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Re: New to Dxtory. Looking for setup help
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2015, 12:31:33 pm »
The problem is the adobe side.


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Re: New to Dxtory. Looking for setup help
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2015, 12:55:15 pm »
Thank you for the reply. I did not say I was having a problem other than Windows Media player was not playing it. I said Adobe was playing it. But thank you for reading. Do you have any suggested setting for Dxtory?


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Re: New to Dxtory. Looking for setup help
« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2015, 10:48:26 pm »
Hey Orboe

Your setup looks good, but I'm not totally familiar with the games your recording or some other factors, so I'll tell you what I had to do to get 1080p60fps recordings using Dxtory.

Before I start here are my specs :

CPU - i7-5960X OC'd 4.2Ghz
GPU - Titan X OC
Mem - 64Gb DDR4 2133Mhz
OS Drive - 500Gb 850 Pro SSD
Monitor - Asus ROG Swift 2560x1440 144Mhz
Recording drive - 2 x 1Tb WD Black in RAID0
Editing software - Adobe Premiere Pro
Dxtory version - 2.0.132 (noticed that ver. 2.0.133 was released today so I will try that when I get home)

I only record one game really, BF4, which is quite fast paced, so there is alot of movement. I also play on Ultra, meaning there is also alot of detail. To get good quality, 1080p60fps recordings with Dxtory, the first thing I had to do was record to a separate drive with high write speeds.

I noticed you said your recording drive was going to be a 3Tb WD Black drive, and although Black is the one to go for, one on it's own won't write quick enough to give you good recordings. When I tried this, the quality wasn't too bad, (visually), but the gameplay was very choppy and jumpy. After some investigation it turned out that writing to a single HDD was too slow. So I bought a second one, set them up in RAID0 and that almost doubled the write speed. My write speed is now around 340MB/sec. Either that or you will need to record to an SSD, but for obvious reasons I didn't want to do that myself. Whatever you do, you will need to write to a drive that's separate from your OS/Game drive.

As for settings, as I now have 2Tb to record to, I've stopped using Lagarith or any other encoder and use Dxtory's own codec. I've found that it easily provides the best quality recording and has the least impact on game play. The downside, (and the reason so many don't use it), is the file sizes are VERY large. I keep my recordings as RGB, (which again contributes to the large file size), but I prefer the quality it gives me. To reduce file sizes you could use YUV420(2x2) which is listed as medium quality. The files sizes are a little smaller.

The only settings I use under Advanced Settings are "delay hook" set to 5 seconds, and then I also tick the option for "Multi Device............" something or other, (sorry I'm not at home with my PC as I type this). My CPU has 16 threads, so I use half of those for Dxtory and set the priority to HIGH.

When I was using Lagarith Lossless, I used to check "use multithreading" and leave the mode at RGB.

I'm not sure why your recordings are coming our black in Windows Media player, (although if memory serves I've suffered from this in the past. I think it's an issue with WMP so I think I installed VLC player to get around it). I also use Premier Pro for editing and exporting my recordings ready for YouTube. I have Premiere Pro CC 2014 installed.

In Premiere Pro, when you goto export your vid, first select H.264, then select the preset YouTube 1080p 60fps. Under here all I changed was, changed it to VBR 2 pass, set both the min and max bit rates to 16, I set the Key Frame to 90, and I've ticked the option "render at max depth".

These seem to give me relatively good recordings. I've only just worked all this out, as it took alot of trial and error.

TIP - I used to suffer from alot of pixelation of my vids once I'd uploaded them to YT. Cause I was gaming at 1440p, I never used to turn on AA as there was no need. However, as I was recording at 1080p, it turns out that having AA turned off in game was causing the problem. I turned it on, (I suggest as high as you can go without it causing you too many issues in game, mine is set to 4xMSAA in BF4), and the problem was cleaned up a whole lot.

Hope some of this helps.
i7-5960X @ 4.2GHz; Asus X99-Deluxe; 64Gb DDR4 HyperX Fury @ 2133MHz; 256Gb Samsung 850 Pro; EVGA Titan X SC; Asus PG279Q; NZXT Kraken X61; Corsair AX1200i; Phanteks Enthoo Luxe; SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless; Logitech G13; Logitech G900; Windows 10 x64


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Re: New to Dxtory. Looking for setup help
« Reply #4 on: September 09, 2015, 05:41:04 pm »
Ok so I got home and installed ver 2.0.133 of Dxtory and did some more testing. For me the best results for 1080p60fps were achieved by using the following Dxtory settings :

Recording drive - 2 x 1Tb WD Black drives in RAID0
Codec - Dxtory
Codec settings - RGB; tick option to compress
Advanced Settings - Tick "Multi Device" option; Tick "Force Down Sampling" option; Tick "Delay Hook" and  set to 5 sec; Selected 12 of 16 thread and set priority to HIGH

I then put the recording into Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 and use the following settings in there to export :

Format - H.264
Preset - YouTube 1080p 60fps

Here's a real quick clip I put up to YT to test the results last night. I used Op Firestorm cause of the lighting, dust and was playing TDM for the quick movement. Need to do more testing, as Op Firestorm does have alot of structures and open spaces. Maps like Zavod with a whole lot of foliage and background graphics I'll need to test too. But initial results don't look too bad.
i7-5960X @ 4.2GHz; Asus X99-Deluxe; 64Gb DDR4 HyperX Fury @ 2133MHz; 256Gb Samsung 850 Pro; EVGA Titan X SC; Asus PG279Q; NZXT Kraken X61; Corsair AX1200i; Phanteks Enthoo Luxe; SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless; Logitech G13; Logitech G900; Windows 10 x64