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DXTORY + StoneHearth OpenGL
« on: October 26, 2015, 03:31:00 am »
To start with i dont use DXTORY often at all but it used to be my favorite recording software but after all the problems after amd 13.1 which still remain parts of them with DXTORY i hardly never use it but i would love to use this again.

The problem i want to report today is when you record a Early Access Game called StoneHearth which runs on OpenGL.
The moment i hit record the whole game starts to flicker from normal game and black screen not fully covered black screen but parts and sometimes whole until i stop recording
I done some testing and found temporary solutions for this which might help with potential solving the issue.

"Temporary Fix"
The way i "fixed" this was by forcing my game to never run above 60fps by locking it with DXTORY and this don't happen.
So this seems to be caused when game is running over 60+fps. Not sure what the exact limit is when the flickering with black start happen but somewhere between 60-80fps.
The reason i stopped using DXTORY long ago was the first thing on this post that i talked short about that made games feel stuttery not smooth at all and used to drop fps a lot.
The drop of FPS is not as big with DX9 & OpenGL anymore but game feel a bit not smooth and slightly stuttery but it seems to be fixed with locking the fps to 60 as well.

So this really seems to affect us users with 60+hz screens which is starting to become the majority of gamers.
I would really like to help solve this if possible and will provide the details that you might need.

Windows 10 x64
DXTORY 2.0.133
AMD Catalyst 15.7.1, Tested Latest Betas Also

Hardware Setup
GPU Amd 7950
CPU i7 920 @ 4Ghz
SSD OS Samsung 830
SSD Gaming Samsung 840 Evo
HDD Recording WD Black 7200pm 100+MBp/s write
MEM 12GB DDR3 1600Mhz

There are no flaws in my hardware this works just fine with Bandicam & Action Mirillis.

Flicker Black  @ 60fps+

Feels Stuttery Not Smooth @ 60+fps
Minecraft Story Mode
Almost all DX9 / OpenGL games

Hope this might help and it seems fine if i lock games to 60fps.

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