Author Topic: Having a few issues with Dxtory. Sound and playback  (Read 941 times)


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Having a few issues with Dxtory. Sound and playback
« on: March 25, 2016, 02:18:14 pm »
Problem 1:
So I have Dxtory setup to record the audio from my headset as well as the microphone from my headset. Both are set to record with Audio Codec PCM at 192000 Hz 32-bit Stereo.

But when I go to replay the video I just created, a lot of the time the video didnt record my microphone.

Im trying to record gameplay with my friends and have my microphone is setup to be Push-To-Talk on both the Dxtory and Curse Voice. The Push-To-Talk button is the same button for both programs (Mouse Button X1).

Problem 2:
Maybe its something to do with me trying to record at a variable fps, but when I try to playback on Windows Media Player or VLC Player, the video will cause either player to have hiccups or downright wont play correctly when clicking through the timeline.

Also between the 2 video players it seems like sometimes 1 video player or the other will play both audio sources I set to of been recorded while the other wont.

So can anyone give me some advice on how to solve these issues?
Id rather not have to record my voice with another program and then try to sync it up with the video in an editor.


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Re: Having a few issues with Dxtory. Sound and playback
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2016, 11:13:46 pm »
Try not using push to talk, if the issue still occurs, try setting the audio codec to the same rates (frequency and bit depth) as is set in the system sound settings.

Without the environmental information, this is only guesswork: It could be, that you are recording into a lossless codec, these generally don't replay that well (they aren't maent for that). Encode them into a lossy codec (e.g. H264/AVC) either with Dxtory (using x264) or another program (e.g. Avidemux).
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