Author Topic: Dxtory outputs absurdly high bitrate and filesizes  (Read 1117 times)


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Dxtory outputs absurdly high bitrate and filesizes
« on: June 16, 2017, 09:16:23 am »

After hearing about Dxtory and it's capabilities I was eager to try it out. I enjoyed what I found in the trial and went ahead and purchased the full software. Upon starting to fully use it I noticed one major issue. With the default codec it was writing at a bitrate of nearly 4000000kbps. I understand the need for lossless but that's kind of unreasonable. I messed around with settings and the lowest I could get it to was 1000000kbps, which still wasn't optimal. I also noticed this was changing depending on the game I was recording. For example, Left 4 Dead 2 was outputting 1GB per 8 seconds of footage, and alternatively GTA5 was putting out 1GB per 20 seconds of footage. With Left 4 Dead 2 being the main game I was trying to record, this left me with quite the predicament.

I looked through different forums to see if anyone had a way to ease this issue but every time someone complained about lowering file sizes or lowering bitrate, the response was always that it was normal to be that high and they need to deal with it.
Any help for this issue would be greatly appreciated! Starting to regret buying the software.
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Re: Dxtory outputs absurdly high bitrate and filesizes
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2017, 04:07:04 pm »
So, this wasnt an issue when you tried the trial?

In any case: if you use lossless codec, it will use as much bitrate as it needs to preserve the image (given resolution & colorspace). If you need smaller files, use lossy codec.

x264vfw and matrox codecs are popular choices for lossy (also, IIRC matrox was lossy). I recall hearing some issues with win10 with matrox codec, but I don't know as I don't use either.

If you **NEED** lossy and want smaller files, Lagarith lossless codec tends to compress the best of those I've tried, but the difference is generally around 10% ish. More for simple retro/pixel graphics with static parts.
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