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DxTory and ACRE (Arma 2 / Arma 3)
« on: April 08, 2014, 08:03:45 pm »
!! Adding this to its own thread so it is easier for people to find via Google search. !!

DxTory push to talk
DxTory multi push to talk
Arma 2 Arma 3 ACRE

[3rd party ArmA 2/3 ACRE FIX] Using AutoHotkey. Download:
Its a small program where you can run scripts via text files.
These files can be edited with Notepad etc and uses the .ahk file extensions.

1) Set DxTory hotkey to your !TeamSpeak 3 local chat key!
2) Download and install AutoHotkey.
3) Copy, paste and edit script into a .ahk file via Notepad.
4) Save and double click the file. A H tray icon should show up. You are now running a script. Right click it for more options.

Script: (Edit as needed! AutoHotKey, key names)
A = ACRE Radio key.
B = TeamSpeak local key.
( Remember to also change the Keywait A to your correct ACRE radio key! )
( Use sleep 50 or 150, if needed. Its in milliseconds. )

; ---------------------------------
; ACRE DxTory.
Send, {A down}
sleep 50
Send, {B down}
KeyWait A
Send, {A up}
Send, {B up}
; ---------------------------------

My example of the script:
; ---------------------------------
; ACRE DxTory.
Send, {numpaddot down}
sleep 150
Send, {c down}
KeyWait NumpadDot
Send, {numpaddot up}
Send, {c up}
; ---------------------------------

Extra script on off via button with sound:
; ---------------------------------
; Script on/off.
SoundPlay, %A_WinDir%\Media\Speech On.wav
; ---------------------------------

Final note... Technically there is no reason why this shouldnt work for more PTT keys.
The only important trick is that while you are pushing down a secondary or tertiary etc PTT key you are also, via a script, pushing down the actual DxTory PTT hotkey. Resulting in your voice being recorded in Dxtory .AVI file. The DxTory hotkey, for other stuff than ACRE, dosent even have to be a "real" PTT key. Its just the the "record my voice" key pushed down at the same time as your real PTT key for teamspeak or whatever is being pushed down...
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