Author Topic: [SOLVED] PlanetSide 2 (via Steam) causing massive GameOverlayRenderer.log file  (Read 1740 times)


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SOLVED by updating to the latest Latest DxTory 2.0.128 instead the Stable Release

old post:

after fixing my last problem PS2 worked fine, until i played a few hours and suddenly the game slowed down to 20fps and crashed.
My system drive was full caused by C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\GameOverlayRenderer.log
(had to cut the file because it's grown over 100MB in the seconds i can turn of Dxtory)
The file is growing in the loading screen with up to 20 MB/s until my drive runs out of space.
This only happens with Dxtory activated, after closing Dxtory the game works fine (instead of crashing like before).
I already deactivated the steam overlay in all of my games, so no this isn't caused by Steams overlay feature.
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